Expert Key devices acquire and monitor measurement data and automate experiment and test stand installations. The devices are supplied as complete systems with ProfiSignal Go – professional software for the online or offline monitoring and analysis of measurement data.


·        14 Universal analog inputs (mV, mA, TC, RTD)

·        2 analog outputs

·        8 digital/frequency inputs

·        4 digital outputs (also usable as PWM-outputs )

·        4 digital inputs/outputs




Expert Logger is a new generation of data loggers. It combines the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology, and is based on FPGA technology to make it especially powerful. It can process up to 46 analog input channels at both low and high rates of sampling.  Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored and transmitted to the internet or a PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE:


·        NEW! Now with an OPC UA interface

·        Universal analog inputs (mV, mA, TC, RTD)

·        SDI12 interfaces for environmental sensors

·        Independent operation possible with batteries or rechargeables

·        Minimal energy consumption via a sleep function

·        2 .. 14 GB of internal data storage for up to 420 million measurement values

·        PUSH function to send measurement data to the internet

·        WLAN link to PCs and mobile devices

·        LAN and USB interface to a PC or network

·        Monitoring and data logging in a single device


Ενδεικτική τιμή: 3.711 €




LogMessage data loggers are universal. Whatever the application – for slow or for high-speed acquisition – Delphin has a LogMessage version for any user requirements.

Delivery includes the ProfiSignal Go software to enable professional evaluation of online and offline data. LogMessage devices function intuitively making it easy to configure inputs, to save data, and to display data as trends.

Ενδεικτική τιμή : 3.711 €




Expert Transient is a data recorder that can operate independently for the synchronous acquisition of transient and periodical processes. Measurement data can be triggered or continuously recorded over long time periods. Expert Transient is equipped with the powerful FPGA technology and provides the following features:


·        Acquisition of transient and periodic signals

·        Triggered and continuous acquisition modes

·        Diverse range of analysis functions

·        Includes the ProfiSignal Go analysis software

·        Synchronously extendible with analog and digital

·        inputs

·        Independent, stand alone operation with long-term

·        data storage capability

·        Connectivity via Wi-Fi or UMTS / LTE networks

·        Highly compact design

·       Price advantage




Expert Vibro is Delphin Technology's new device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. The latest processor technology enables 16 synchronous channels to be processed at high sampling rates while requiring minimal space. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision. Users may switch between voltage measurement, IEPE or shaft vibration sensors. Integrated comparators and digital inputs allow flexible triggering. Measurement data is monitored "on the fly" with digital outputs being switched within msecs in the event of a limit value violation.





ProfiMessage is the modular system for data acquisition, monitoring and automation of machinery, plant and test stands. ProfiMessage uses master and slave devices and a range of I/O modules to enable it to be adapted to any application.

ProfiMessage devices have universal connectivity. The devices are equipped with flexible I/O modules and a range of field bus interfaces. Connecting to PLC control systems for data exchange is easy and problem-free. Measurement data is stored with extremely high time resolution making it particularly suited to systems for fault data acquisition and diagnostics.

The compact devices measure and store data as standalone, independent systems. An internal 16 GB memory is able to record.





ProfiSignal Go enables measurement data to be saved, displayed as trends, analyzed and exported in ASCII and CSV formats. Just a few simple steps are required to go from measurement channels to trend output.


Online and offline measurement data can be continuously evaluated in trends. Go offers the following diagrams:

·        y(t), y(x) diagram,

·        characteristic curve

·        Oscilloscope

·        Digital logical analysis




(includes every function from PROFISIGNAL GO)


ProfiSignal Basic is a complete software package to meet user requirements in the fields of measurement data acquisition, operation and monitoring. Basic provides ready to use modules for:

·        Acquiring measurement data

·        Monitoring processes

·        Operating and observing test stands

·        Generating reports

·        Basic automation


ProfiSignal Basic is designed to be fully configurable and compatible for continuous processes (e.g. operational data acquisition) as well as batch processes (e.g. data from experiments and trials). Basic includes basic automation functions for measurement procedures.




(includes all functions from PROFISIGNAL GO & BASIC)


Klicks is the complete package with the entire ProfiSignal functions in one system. Klicks includes a structure diagram in which processes can be graphically portrayed as procedure blocks. Each block is created according to ”programming by selection”. Programming takes place at the click of the mouse. The learning of a programming language is unnecessary. ProfiSignal includes blocks for the following tasks:

·        Data acquisition

·        Operating and observation

·        Report generation

·        Automation

·        Parameter management