DIMOULAS AUTOMATIONS  is a techno-commercial company specialized in automation and measurements fields in a big range of sections of Greek market such as industrial, military, energy and marine fields

Founded in 1970, the company had enjoyed phenomenal growth and become one of the great companies in selling high quality and innovative electronic apparatus and components . Dimoulas brand was established as one of the best known in the fields  of instrumentation and automations. Hearaeus ( temperature sensors) , Koening ( ovens boilers),  Siemens ( measuring instruments and telecom equipment),  Norma instruments and Bender (fault monitoring) were some of the German manufacturers that Dimoulas was distributing in Greece. Dimoulas Company from the beginning has cultivated a loyal clientele. The vision was to introduce customers into new technologies, teaching them how to make accurate measurements or how to use best components. Seminars, in site and in field   trainings and technical articles in local electronic magazines were some of our activities in order to succeed our goals


DIMOULAS AUTOMATION is mostly oriented in the High Tech part of the Greek market including the instrumentation and automation market together with high quality electronic components . Because of the big changes, turbulences and acquisitions in the international market, a new reorganization of our portfolio is under development.  New innovative products has been added to the traditional products like   Programmable Logic Controllers with remote control  possibilities,  (Wago – Germany), High voltage cable testers and safety testers  with network drivers (Sefelec, France), special electrical  testing machines and IP special equipment ( Physic technical Labor – Germany) have been  added to our portfolio to support our customers.  


Our experienced engineers in sales and technical departments are addressing to the traditional segments of local market but also are aiming to new ones   such as renewable energy, shipping and industrial automations offering more sophisticates automations and components. Our engineers are   offering to the customer not only  the “product”, but the whole experience  in order to use it in the best way, to adapt it  to his needs, to support him after sales and build a strong and long term relationship with him.


So we are increasing our loyal clientele offering to them high quality and high reliability products